Adding application launch icon to favorites

  1. Download your own icon image

  2. Find path to the executable of your application by running (replace brackets with name of applicaion):

    which [name_application]

Copy the path from this output.

  1. Create\edit the .desktop file for the application by running the command (remember to edit the application name):

    gedit Desktop/[name_application].desktop
  2. Add the following lines (replace the items in square brackets with your respect application) and save the file with the extension .desktop (e.g. [application name].desktop):

    #!/usr/bin/env xdg-open
    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=[Name your application]
    Comment=[Name your application]
    Exec=[path_to_executable file_from_step2]
  3. Right click on the file (should now be on your desktop), select properties, then permissions and select Allow executing file as program

  4. Finally, move this file to the desktop launcher path on your system:

    sudo mv /Desktop/*[name_of_file]* /usr/share/applications/